Gin Bulldog - Shine In Your Own Light

People who drink Bulldog trust their instincts and have the confidence to be spontaneous.

They act in ways others don’t.

They have the attitude others wish had.

They don’t do things to stand out, but they naturally do.

Others crave for the limelight, not us.

MultiCbrina - Promises To Keep

INEC - Design Film Case

The Ecuadorian constitution declares the national objective of providing "Sumak Kawsay" or "Good Living" to everyone in the country.

It's the responsibility of the INEC [The National Institute of Statistics and Census] to constantly report on the status of this objective.

For its rebranding, we worked close with the INEC to create a brand that makes the objective visible to the people.

We took the variables of Ecuador that measures "Sumak Kawskay":

-Know how to read, write and perform basic math.
-Access to clean drinking water.
-Availability of decent housing.
-Employment and job opportunities

This logo is much more than a logo, it is the history of the evolution of our country. It shows where we come from but it also shows where we still need to go.

It is a logo that only Ecuadorians working together have the power to change.

VENMUNDO - Sonríe Venezuela


In Latin America Gas doesn't reach homes by pipes like it happens on other places in the world. In our region people use regular gas tanks and connect them to stoves, water heaters and grills. 

However, these tanks have not evolved in 30 years. 
They don't have any mechanism to measure the amount of gas that is inside. 
As a result, people don't have a way to know when they are going to run out of gas. 
So they run out of gas all the time.

Mabe, the leading manufacturer of gas stoves and water heaters in Latin America, needed to find a competitive advantage in their gas powered products to increase the value for money offer.

Carzaam by Renault